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Welcome 2021! We are back!
Join our food club for weekly cook-alongs as we share recipes and inspiration on our Facebook group and at our virtual cook-along as we cook, eat and make merry together from the comfort of our homes. After organising a few sessions during lockdown I realised just how important this has been to us all, to spend time together, from all over the world, sharing our unique stories and love for food.
We are all going through a very difficult time with changes that affect us all socially, physically, mentally and financially but one thing remains constant, our love for food and the power it wields to bring us together. 
A delicious adventure awaits!


Join our Facebook group to join the feast and share recipe ideas with others

How To Take Part

Sign up to receive food club login details & the password to our private Zoom room straight to your inbox.
Cook along with the group - your recipe of choice based on the theme of possible, if not that’s okay too. You can also sit back and join in the conversation if you are not cooking. 
Feel free to share your recipes, tips and also ask questions in our club. This is a safe and welcoming space for us all.
We are in this together, to share, learn and feast together!
Do follow my channels on Facebook & @leratoofficial  and share your delicious creations with us. Don’t forget to to use hashtag #leratofoods #leratofoodclub so that all our group photos are easy to find.

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