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Cookery Classes

An adventure with the seasons & spices

Join for a culinary adventure as I share my secrets to cooking vibrant, sumptuous and healthy feasts with seasonal produce inspired by cuisine from Africa and beyond, feasts that you can easily recreate at home.

Our classes in London take place in a variety of location with partners such as Waitrose Cookery School,  the London Cooking Project, in Brighton at the Brighton & Hove Community Kitchen and in our kitchen in Eastbourne. The kitchens are involved in a lot of community projects, food waste and sustainability programmes as well as offering classes to support the less fortunate in our communities. 

You can also enjoy a private cooking class in any of the venues as well as in our own home. Click on your preferred location below or buy a gift voucher for the perfect treat for your food-loving friends or family! 
Get in touch if you will like to discuss the classes or plan something special.
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