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Lerato for Tilda Rice & Great British Chefs

Lerato for Tilda
I was commissioned to create West African recipes for Tilda Rice, to celebrate the launch of their latest packaging launched in 2019. Tilda Rice is known all around the world for their impeccable grains. It is a great honour to create recipes that share my African traditions and recipes created for the modern home cook, especially as it my dream to share our vibrant food and culture with the world.
  Lerato for Tilda
There is something for everyone, from the vegan/vegetarian, meat and fish lover. See the recipes below, including the popular Jollof rice which I have perfected so that you can cook with ease and confidence each time, a roasted spiced plantain dish called 'Kelewele' in Ghana. Truly delicious and bewitching with ripe plantains heavily coated with wonderful spices, a Senegalese inspired Yassa, tangy, spicy and sweet with fish and butter rice and juicy, grilled peanut crusted 'suya' chicken inspired by a much loved lagos street food and served with the best coconut rice ever. 
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