Meet our chefs, teachers & experience partners

Meet our amazing chefs, super bakers & experience partners. 

Want to teach with us or volunteer for our community classes?

Meet Vanessa Ferreira-Walton

We are excited to welcome Vanessa as one of our chef partners. She is one half of the duo behind free-from bakery, VS Bakes, an amazing free-from bakery, with vegan, gluten free cakes and pastries. We can't wait to welcome you to our free form baling classes where you will learn Vanessa's pro tips for baking beautiful cakes that the whole family can enjoy.

"My mum has been cooking from scratch with the freshest ingredients. On Sundays, she treated our family to the most indulgent and sophisticated 3 course meals. For the last 16 years, I have been working as a professional chef. From Iranian cuisine to Italian gnocchi, from the French bouillabaisse to the Portuguese pastel de nata, the kitchen is where my heart lays.

I have loved baking since I can remember. But I must admit, my sweet tooth has pushed all boundaries, and my spouse and I have created a small free from bakery to cater for those with dietary requirements (and everyone else with a sweet tooth!)
It has been amazing to bake for the community on every level, so much that we want to share this knowledge with the people of Eastbourne.

Baking is the thing that I most enjoy doing, it brings me mindfulness and self satisfaction. A mood booster! I baked my first cake when I was 5, but I wouldn't call it a cake, more of a liquid chocolate and milk eggy mess.  

I don't have a favourite desert, however I have very strong feelings for a Black forest gateau, and secretly love love love Chestnut Mont Blancs! And the crema catalana, & churros, and ...

You will have to join us to find out! ’’

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