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Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order - Lerato Foods & Naturals

Healthy Fresh Meals Cooked to Order

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Tired of frozen foods and ready meals sitting on shelves for Lord knows how long? Now you can order freshly made, healthy meals, full of flavour, and cooked just for you with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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Orders for this week are now open until noon on Thursday 27th September for pick up on Friday 28th September between 1 - 2 pm or 6 - 7pm. Please request your preferred pick up time.
*Subject to availability.
A seasonal changing menu of vibrant feasts cooked for you
After feeding a lot of wonderful people at supper clubs, cookery classes and catering events, I realised one of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is time. Time to plan your meals, shop and cook. While I love teaching and encouraging us to learn to cook more, I have created a changing menu of sumptuous meals for when there simply isn't enough time. 
You can order your meals to be picked up or delivered twice a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1pm - 2pm or 6 - 9 pm. Please see updates above for any change in pick up dates for the week.
Your meals can easily be stretched into a week's worth of freshly made and healthy meals or as an addition to your regular meals for those days you may need a little help.
Choose from a changing selection of Moroccan, West African, Meditteranean, & Classic feasts to enjoy at home, with favourites like my Moroccan Tagines & Harissa Stews, Sumptuous Plant-based Roasts, Stews & Soups, Ratatouille with Baked Fresh Fish with Herbes de Provence, Senegalese Roast Chicken Yassa or Aubergine Yassa, Jollof Quino, healthy desserts and more. 
Many of our ingredients are sourced locally from our fishmongers in Eastbourne, to grass-fed Salt Marsh beef from local farms. We use olive oil, rapeseed oil & coconut oil, Cornish sea salt, homemade spice blends, free-range eggs & chicken and fresh vegetables from local farms across Sussex,m. Our local greengrocers supply plantains, chickpeas, herbs, dried fruits and more from North Africa, Spain, West Africa & the Middle East. 
Your food can be refrigerated for a few days or frozen and can also be heated in a warm oven in our recyclable packs.
Stuffed Butternut Squash Coming Soon for a Sumptuous Plant-based Roast this Christmas
Write to for regular orders, large orders for private dinners, corporate events, if you will like a specific meal plan or menu created for you, based on your event, favourites, dietary & health choices.

How to Order

1) Choose from a selection of main courses, sides & desserts.

2) Choose the quantity needed.

3) Choose a pick-up day between Tuesday & Thursday. Or see upfate above for any changes to weeklt pick up dates. 

Delivery can be arranged for an extra charge.* Order by noon on Monday for Tuesday pick-up, & by noon on Wednesday for Thursday pick-up. You can also order multiple meals at once for a weekmonth or longer, to be picked up or delivered on future and separate days. This can be arranged after your order.

4. Add a note to let us know of any allergies, dislikes (for example, Moroccan tagine with Almonds can be prepared without almonds if you do not like almonds)

The spicy dishes are warm and tingly and not hot and fiery, let us know if you will like more heat or no heat at all!

4) Complete your order and pick up on your confirmed date. Don't forget to Sign up here for weekly menu updates and 10% off your first order.

Collection only available in Eastbourne, by St Saviour's Church on Spencer Road, off South Street. Delivery can be arranged for an extra fee*


This week's special 
Try the Provençal Haddock with Mustard Roasted Cauliflower for £13.50 or a vegan version with Mustard Roasted Cauliflower with Baked chickpeas for £8


Main Courses (from £8 for two servings)

Plant-based Meals 

Hearty plant-based meals that can be enjoyed as a main or as an accompaniment to other dishes. These are meat & dairy free. 

1. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Almonds - £8

w/ Aubergines, Sweet Peppers, Red Onions & Almonds

2. Harissa Stew with Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes & Roasted Cauliflower & Pomegranates - £8.75 (warm & tingly spice)

3. Ratatouille with Aubergines, Courgettes, Tomatoes in a rich tomato sauce with herbes de Provence - £8.75

4. Senegalese Yassa with Caramelised Onions, Mustard, Lemon juice, Peppers & Roasted Plantain  - £8.75

5. Groundnut Stew with Baby Potatoes & Spinach  - £8.75


Meat, Lamb, Chicken & Fish 

1. Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Aubergines, Peppers & Almonds - £10

2. Grilled Chicken Breasts in Harissa Stew with Sweet Peppers & Pomegranates - £10 (warm & tingly spice)

3. Harissa Fish Stew with Cod or Haddock - £13.50 (warm & tingly spice) 

4. Roasted Peanut Butter Grilled Chicken Breasts in Peanut Sauce with Coriander & Crushed Roasted Peanuts - £10

5. Provençal Baked Cod or Haddock with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic & Lemon - £13.50

6. Yassa au Poulet. Senegalese dish with chicken thighs, mustard, lemons & scotch bonnets for sweet warmth - £10 (you can chose without scotch bonnets) 


Sides (from £3 for 1 - 2 servings)

1. Spiced Couscous with Chickpeas, Mint, Coriander & Pomegranates - £3.50

2. Coconut & Turmeric British Grown Quinoa with Chick Peas, Pomegranates, Mint & Coriander - £4.50

3. Roasted Heritage Carrots with Ginger & Orange Glaze - £3.50

4. Roasted Heritage Carrots with Cumin, Fennel Seeds & Olive Oil - £3.50

5. Stewed Kale with Sweet Peppers & Caramelised Onions - £3

6. Smoked Cauliflower Florettes with Ras-el-hanout, Chickpea Puree with Tahini & Fresh Coriander - £4 

7. Smoked Jollof Quinoa with Sweet Corn & Green Beans. Healthy grains cooked in a West African inspired rich tomato sauce - £4.50

8. Roasted Plantains with Sweet Peppers & Spring Onions -  £4

Little pots of herbs & pomegranates (if included in your dish) will be provided for you to mix when ready to eat.

*Menu is subject to change due to seasonal availabilities. You will be notified of any unavailable ingredients with similar recommendations for your orders. 


Cookery Classes in London, Brighton & Eastbourne 

To learn how your food is made and to be inspired to create sumptuous feasts see more about our cookery classes here.