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Lerato's Christmas Stuffed Squash
Supperclub with Lerato & Neptune - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Supperclub with Lerato & Neptune - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Supperclub with Lerato & Neptune - Lerato Foods & Naturals
Virtual Christmas Cookery Classes
Virtual Christmas Cookery Classes

Virtual Christmas Cookery Classes

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A Christmas Feast Like No Other

Enjoy a festive feast with family, friends & food lovers from across the world

Wonderful sounds from the table; of chatter, laughter, often of the roaring kind, clinking cutlery and glasses while platters are passed back and forth. These are wonderful memories of our feasts and we look forward to many more celebrations with you all! 

Join me for my festive annual Christmas feasts inspired by flavours from Africa and beyond. I have designed a festive menu with sweetness, spice and all things nice to inspire you to cook new and exciting dishes to add to your menu this year.           

It's the most wonderful time of the year and after such a trying year, we deserve to feast to our heart's content and be merry. We may not be able to sit for our usual Christmas supperclub, but we can cook together and enjoy each other's company virtually and from anywhere in the world.

I'll be cooking from our home on the Sussex coast in England and joining you all from all over the world. Upon booking your place, ingredients, a shopping and equipment list will be sent to you alongside our private Zoom login details. 

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Lerato Christmas

 Choose your favourite feasts or join all three cookery classes

Christmas Party Bites, Christmas Mains & Christmas Desserts        

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Lerato Foods  

1. Christmas Party Bites
Sumptuous canapes and dips to get the party started
Sat 28th NOVEMBER 2020 4 - 6 pm
Spiced Kefta Meaballs / Mushroom Balls
One of the most popular items on my catering menu this year. With cumin, fennel seeds & wondrous spices. Easily adaptable with different spices
Plantain Holly
My accidental festive creation of roasted plantains With hummus, herbs & pomegranate jewels. Easily substituted with sweet potatoes or aubergines
Cheese Brouiatte
Moroccan inspired filo cigars with cheese & herbs When in Morocco, I binge on briouatte, searching for it in every restaurant menu
Spiced Cranberry & Clementine Sauce
Sexier than your average cranberry sauce with zesty sweet clementines & spices
Roasted Onion Hummus
(Menu is vegan and dairy free friendly. Onions can be left out if preffered)
Lerato Plantain Holly
Plantain Holly
2. Christmas Mains
The long awaited piece de resistance 
Sat 12th DECEMBER 4 - 6.30pm
Herby Harissa Roast
Make your own harissa from scratch, and learn to bottle it in a jar. Great for Chritmas presents. Choose your favourite from Turkey, Lamb, Fish, Aubergines for a spicy, tangy and herby Moroccan inspired roast. Typically spicy but can be easily adapted for little or no heat if preferred
Stuffed Butternut Squash with Saffron Barley
carrots, chickpeas, pomegranates & fresh herbs
A showstopper that I love to teach in our cookery classes
(Alternative grains such as rice, quinoa (gf) are well suited)
3. Christmas Desserts
A sweet finale to our festive feasts
Sat 19th DECEMBER 2020 4 - 6.30pm
Lerato's Spiced Chocolate Pots
My Christmas Spiced Clementine Cake
A spicy, nutty citrus cake with ground almonds, clementines and East African inspired spiced chai. Preferably topped with yoghurt and clementine zests and whole clementines for a showstopping cake


Our Supperclub has been featured on the BBC, Waitrose Weekend, Time Out London, Sussex Life,  Evening Standard, Restaurants Brighton, Quintessential Sussex Guide Muddy Stilettos, & a review by Celebrity Chef Lorraine Pascale amongst others...


Previous feasts in collaboration with Waitrose