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Careers at Lerato Foods

Lerato Foods Careers

Lerato foods is a small and fast-paced food and lifestyle business founded by Lerato Umah-Shaylor, the bestselling and award-winning author of AFRICANA. 

At Lerato foods, we organise exceptional experiences within the food and travel sector with a focus on celebrating and preserving African culture. We also create content across media, our own newsletter, we run a cookery school and a travel and tour company. 

We are UK & Africa based, but most importantly with a world focus as our clients, readers and cooks are from across the world. 

Our aim is to be a globally recognised brand and pioneers in African food and travel. As the founder, Lerato wears many hats, including author, chef, broadcaster, teacher and founder. At Lerato Foods, we require a dynamic team of self-starters, innovative thinkers and team members.
By joining Lerato Foods, you will become part of a team with a goal to make African food and travel a global mainstream success through books, media content, story telling, travel and unforgettable experiences.
If you believe you have what it takes, and we are the right family within which you can thrive, we look forward to meeting



Deadline: 12th August 2023
NEW VACANCY: Tour Guides 

The role 
Do you love food and culture, travelling and discovering new and exciting things to do. Do you love Africa? It’s history, and especially the history of Ghana?

We are growing a team of super travellers, food lovers and culture enthusiasts who love sharing their knowledge and passion with others. As a tour guide for our retreats and tours, your responsibilities will include being the best local conduit for information, stories and lots of fun at our exceptional tours. You will be in charge of organising and hosting our specially designed tours with the utmost professionalism. Previous experience in tours will be most valuable but not compulsory. 

5 Essentials qualities
At Lerato Foods, every member of our team requires a uniquely diverse skill set.

5 key qualities that will ensure you as a member of the team thrives individually and as a whole are as follows:

  • Exceptional Communicator: Flawless communication, written and vocal is essential. At Lerato Foods we thrive on being efficient communicators and lovers of people. We have a warm, friendly tone while also being assured and authoritative in our sector.
  • Passionate & Excitable: We are passionate about food and about people and this is a natural quality that rubs off on others, members of the team, clients, customers and the public. Constant learning to be at the top of your game is also essential.
  • Cool, Calm & Collected: Being calm and measured in all situations is a key characteristic needed in our often high pressure environment.
  • Creative Thinker & Problem Solver: We love people who can think on their feet, create solutions out of challenges and present ideas of their own.
  • Ruthless Work Ethic: Being a hard worker, goal oriented, and a multitasker is essential. We are pioneers, trend setters and go-getters who go after what we want with proof, solutions and evidence to back us up.
Members of our team need to be fast thinkers and learners, problem solvers and creative self starters. They need to have a curious and ever adapting lens on their surroundings but most importantly the UK, US, Ghana and across other African countries. They should also be food and culture enthusiasts to truly understand and embody our purpose.

Key Traits 

  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Patient and understanding 
  • Helpful and giving
  • Loves food
  • Fast learner
  • Loves people
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Loves travelling
  • Loves history & tradition
  • Energetic & Confident
  • Pride in personal appearance and comportment 

Key Skills & Knowledge

  • A great memory and attention to detail
  • Good and clear command of the English language 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good knowledge and interest in local sites, history, culture and food
  • Interest in international history, culture and food
  • Organisational & Planning Skills
  • First Aid Knowledge 
  • Work Without Supervision 
  • Ability to anticipate the needs of customers
  • Knowledge of architecture 
  • Knowledge of the local scene and ability to answer questions and offer suggestions to our guests (in line with research of recommended places authorised by our team)


  • Organising & scheduling single and multi day tours in line with our tour plan
  • Keeping up with local historical, cultural and food happenings 
  • Constant research of local history, culture and food



    • Fee to be discussed and agreed depending on experience and skills as mentioned above
    • Working with a dynamic international company that is fast becoming a leader in African food & travel 
    • A friendly and supportive company culture
    • Flexible and freelance hours
    • Training opportunities for tour guides

    Lerato Foods is an equal opportunity employer.



    Please send your cv and cover letter to highlighting how and why you are the right person to join our team and why you would like to join our team.