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“Africana is my debut cookbook, a dream I have nurtured for many years and a journey we can now share together. I hope you enjoy cooking this book, and sharing it with family and friends.” Lerato x

A culinary expedition celebrating African cooking

Africana travels across the continent showcasing its vibrant and varied cuisines that are rich in flavour, diverse in culture and steeped in tradition.

Combining recipes passed down the generations but with her own modern and inventive style, food writer and cook Lerato shares her stories with feasts that are easy and accessible to everyone.

Discover how to cook some of the most iconic dishes from Nigeria to Madagascar, Morocco to South Africa.

With over 100 recipes to delight and inspire they include;

  • Spice Island Coconut Fish Curry
  • Harissa Leg of Lamb with Hibiscus
  • Senegalese Yassa
  • Tunisian Tagine
  • South African Malva Pudding, 
  • The secret to the perfect Jollof!

Bursting with flavour and full of wanderlustAfricana will bring the magic of the continent right to your kitchen.

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