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Health Policy

We understand that there is a lot of concern over the outbreak of coronovirus (COVID-19)
As a food service provider, we always do our very best to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. We also encourage our guests to do the same. We are following advice provided by WHO & NHS and will share this with our facilitators and guests.

To keep you safe, our classes have been paused until further notice. You will be updated if any changes are made in line with the advice of the government and health authorities.

For your catering needs, we have provided more days for delivery and pick ups as seen here. This is a great service for those short on time, those who want regular, freshly cooked, home cooked and healthy meals, the elderly who may not be able to cook often or at all.
Utmost care is taken to prepare and deliver your food. We are fully insured and have appropriate food safety certification. 
Please read these safety guidelines below

WHO Corona virus update

How to protect yourself and those around you

Hand cleaning & washing techniques advised by NHS

If you notice any of the symptoms as mention in the above guidelines, please seek medical help immediately
Endeavour to wash your hands more than usual, for a continuous period of 20 seconds or more

Sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands (don't rush)
Wash your hands when you return home, get to work, when you cough, sneeze, before and after handling any food
Wash your hands before, during and after cookery class with antibacterial soap
We will provide antibacterial soap and antibacterial wipes in our classes
If you feel ill or have symptoms of a cold please stay at home and seek medical help to be sure of any symptoms
In line with Government policy and the advice of the health authorities, we kindly request that guests stay indoors and avoid attending cookery classes if you have travelled to the UK from countries listed here.

In the mean time, keep calm, informed, keep safe & stay healthy. We will get through this together. 

See detailed information from WHO website here