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Lerato Foods & Naturals

Private Virtual Masterclass with Lerato


Every Sunday at 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm BST 


£350 per household/screen, plus £50 per additional household/screen. 

Embark on a culinary journey with Lerato, award-winning author of Africana, and experience remarkable flavours from across the continent with heartwarming stories and recipes for inspired home cooking. From the comfort of your home, indulge in an immersive and entertaining cookery experience at our virtual table. 

You can choose to focus on a particular region, style or type of dishes in your private class, and a menu will be created for you. In your private masterclass, Lerato will show you how spices can turn even the simplest dishes into flavourful delights. From fragrant vanilla to everyday favourites like turmeric, cumin, and coriander, discover her spice-filled world and learn how to shop and store a treasured collection. 

With over 40 plant recipes in AFRICANA, you will learn to harness the power of greens, their natural flavours and the use of spices to elevate the most simple of vegetables. Lerato’s Suya Cauliflower was named an Observer Food Monthly Best Recipe for a reason. You will learn to cook inspiring recipes from Africana, from modern classics, and inventive recipes, to new and exclusive recipes being developed by Lerato.

Lerato's classes are not only entertaining, she is able to bring people together creating a strong sense of community. Like in her book, she holds your hand as you cook and travel across the continent together, leaving you inspired and empowered to create incredible flavours at home. 


Kachumbari Salad  

Wara/Wagashi (Haloumi or Tofu in Red Pepper Sauce)

Poached Fruits in Hibiscus Syrup

(Peaches, Pears, Nectarines)

(Vegans & vegetarians are welcome)  




By booking a private class, you are also eligible to become a Cook with Lerato Newsletter founding member with treats like a signed and dedicated Africana Cookbook, free group cookery classes and full access to all newsletters and exclusive recipes and stories.



The ingredients list will be provided in advance for you to prepare ahead of our class.


Lerato is an Author, presenter and cookery teacher. Her debut cookbook AFRICANA has been called, "The essential book on African Cookery". She is a regular panellist on The Kitchen Cabinet on the BBC, a public speaker and cooks live internationally, and on television.
After the success of her supper clubs, in 2017 Lerato launched the cookery school to bring African flavours into mainstream cooking. The cookery classes are inclusive, welcoming most diets and including lots of plant-based and vegan-loving choices.    

Whether you are a professional, enthusiastic home cook or a novice, you will enjoy a wonderfully immersive experience with tons of inspiration to maximise flavour in your cooking.

Lerato writes a publication Cook with Lerato and is the founder of Africana Retreats where she hosts food lovers from around the world to immersive cookery and cultural experiences in Africa and beyond. 

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PRIVATE COOKERY CLASSES                           

Reach out to inquire about private dates, corporate group packages with or without recipe kits, plus private cookery classes:     

Private Virtual Masterclass with Lerato