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Gourmet Brownies

 Lerato Gourmet Brownies 

We have created a collection of decadent chocolate desserts made with so much love, and West African cocoa & chocolate that is not only fair trade but also farmer-owned. Our collection includes Vegan, Gluten-Free and seasonal brownies of endless possibilities.

See our selection of brownies here 


Why gourmet brownies?

As we bought more and more chocolate to satisfy Thurston's insatiable appetite we increasingly got tired of the popular phrase, 'made with the finest Belgian Chocolate'. Every time I read or hear that all I think of is King Leopold and his atrocities!
We felt it was important to support African farmées by buying fair trade products and chocolate but we hardly ever heard of West African input in the chocolate and cocoa world. After all, a vast amount of the world's cocoa supply comes from West Africa. And when it is mentioned, we are often told tales of chocolate bars helping the poor farmer to buy more goats to feed his family for a year. No one feels sorry for the potato farmer, instead, they are paid a fair price for their potatoes, so why isn't it common sense to pay well for premium produce such as chocolate? Why do we have to be coaxed into paying fairly for such widely loved African produce, almost as a favour to Africans?
Not in the habit of moaning, we made it our mission to support this industry by sourcing ethical chocolate producers who go beyond paying for the privilege to put 'fairtrade' stamps on their products, but those who actually respect and enrich African farmers. We use cocoa & chocolate from farmer-owned companies like Divine Chocolate, 44% of which is owned by the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative in Ghana. 
We are proud to say,
our brownies are made with ethically sourced and rich African Cocoa & Chocolate.
We don't stop at chocolate, we also source African produce like teff used in some of our gluten free brownies, fair trade sugar, coffee and produce especially from indigenous and small producers from Africa. We are happy to pay more for products that help to tell our African story to the world and where we directly impact the pockets of the farmers and producers. We also source great local farm and artisan produce which we use at our events and in our products. So if you have a great product, please get in touch and we might just make magic together!
As a small company with a dream to share the joys of African food with the world, what better way than to create indulgent chocolate treats inspired by our rich continent!
We hope you enjoy this journey with us and of-course our creations, as a treat for yourself, to share with family and friends or as a special surprise. 
Lot of love,
Lerato & Thurston