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Lerato Foods & Naturals

African Cookery Classes in London



Check out our virtual cookery classes with recipe kits here 

Lerato African Cooking Class

South African, North African, East African & West African Masterclasses

In-Person classes are on hold for now. Do join us online for our virtual feasts.





"A wonderful Sunday afternoon well spent! The Food tasted divine and the preparation and cooking part was very enjoyable. I went alone and met some lovely people! I look forward to sharing the recipes with friends and family (who by the way are already lining up for me to make at home after seeing photos I shared). Would highly recommend. Thank you again Lerato!"

By Claudia Halabi


"So much fun. Lerato was wonderful and the food was delicious! Thank you".

By Olivia Edkina


African Cookery Classes in London