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Interview on Third Culture Africans Podcast

Looking to be inspired by stories of young Africans breaking boundaries, achieving great success stories globally and sharing their struggles along the way to glory? Look no further. 
Third Culture Africans - Lerato with Zeze 
When I was invited to be interviewed by Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, the host of Third Culture Africans and the founder of Malee, I was excited, not only to share my story but to share it with someone who understands my journey.
An entrepreneur who is forging ahead despite all obstacles, an African woman with a brand that is African to its core, yet global and relevant, pushing the boundaries of what we have been told is possible. 
Zeze herself is a true inspiration, having nurtured Malée for the past 10 years– a luxury fragrance, bath and body care range inspired by generations of African healing rituals and time-honoured beauty traditions.
On this episode of Third Culture Africans, I share my story of starting a food business in Nigeria instead of accepting a job with the BBC, my experience as a TV chef to growing a community in the UK with our cookery school, supperclubs and now taking things global with fine food products, all with the intention of sharing African food far and wide.
Do give it a listen below and check out other inspiring stories from Africans in a wide variety of sectors. Hopefully one of us will inspire you. 



Lerato Umah-Shaylor is passionate about celebrating African food traditions with the world. In her career as a food journalist, TV chef, and cookery school owner, she has championed African dishes and made them accessible to her/ audience. She discusses how she does this through the available kitchen equipment and adjusting the recipes.

Hear her thought processes behind different business decisions she’s made during her career. Everything has been done with the intention to celebrate and start discussions around Africa’s culinary tradition. Lerato celebrates food’s ability to nurture and create relationships with others.

Highlights of the episode:

  • How people view the role of professional chef and cook (1:48)
  • Her passion for sharing her love of food with others (6:14)
  • About the perceived “bastardization” of African cuisine by non-African influencers (22:20)
  • Why sharing information about African recipes is important to Lerato (24:33)
  • When Lerato Umah-Shaylor decided cooking was her career; being inquisitive about food and cooking from a young age (27:25)
  • Talking about her online cooking courses and making the pivot due to COVID-19 (41:08)
  • Adjusting the preparation to make sense for different palates (58:02)


Read more about Malee here 

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