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Sukuma Wiki, Sweet Potato Mash & Steak

Enjoy the taste of Africa with Swahili braised greens known as Sukuma Wiki, luxuriously whipped sweet potatoes,  and a smoky spiced steak.

Lerato’s Tipsy Toffee Spiced Apple Cake

A tipsy toffee spiced apple cake for Christmas

Stuffed Butternut Squash with Moroccan Spiced Barley & Chickpeas

Stuffed Butternut Squash with Moroccan Spiced Barley. A festive showstopper with wondrous spices, perfect for a vegan roast or an accompaniment to your feast!

Coconut Rice with Grilled Chicken Suya

Suya is a much-loved street food of grilled meat heavily spiced with a mix of peanuts and aromatics. The suya sellers migrated with this prized dish from the Hausa north of Nigeria to the rest of the country and beyond the Sahel and Savanna regions. Fragrant coconut and heady spices...

The Best Christmas Gifts for your favourite foodies

Send the best gifts to your favourite foodies this Christmas, from beautiful kitchen towels, Ghanaian Chocolate, a beautiful recipe journal, a spice gift set and more. 

Festive Cook-along & Supper club

Join me for a heartwarming feast with enchanting flavours as we cook and enjoy a wonderful time together from the comfort of our homes. 

Spiced Apple Pudding with Brandy Cream & Apple Crisps

Tuck into this Spiced Apple Christmas Pudding for Christmas pudding haters and Christmas pudding lovers alike!  

Curried Beef & Potato Pie with Tesco

Try my latest recipe with Tesco Foods. Curried Beef & Potato Pie. 

Fragrant Green Rice with Tomatoes, Spinach & Herbs

A wonderfully fragrant dish with rice and a bouquet of greens and herbs.

Corn with Green Peas, Roasted Italian Kale & Garlic Butter

A simple yet impressive salad packed full of flavour!

Senegalese Rice with Grilled Sea Bass - Thieboudienne

Enjoy this marvellous recipe in Partnership with Tilda. Inspired by the Senegalese red rice called Thieboudienne (pron. chebujen). Glorious grains are cooked in a rich and aromatic broth served alongside stuffed grilled fish.

A Tomato Tart

Enjoy summer on your plate with this plant-based perfection

Rainbow Roast with Spiced Avocado & Almond Butter

A rainbow of roasted vegetables with smoky paprika, fragrant herbs, and healthy fruit and nut butter for an easy feast. Pure sunshine on your plate.

Cook with Lerato Newsletter

Our newsletters have been given a thorough makeover. Now weekly, and full of vibrant recipes, stories and much more. This is a newsletter for those who love to cook, those who love to eat (to be cooked for), or both. Those who love to consume inspiring, transfixing, beautiful, delicious food! SEE MORE...

Spice Roasted Plantains

Learn to cook the perfect golden spiced plantains.

How To Cook Jollof Quinoa

Learn to cook the famous Jollof with healthy quinoa grains with this recipe from my cookery class. For cooks who love to enjoy endless possibilities, try this recipe and make it your own.